Check Out Zoe Saldana In Costume As Nina Simone

    Biopics can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider, including historical accuracy, entertainment value and the opinions of fans who want to see their favorite figures portrayed in the right light. When the subject of a biopic is an entertainer, such as a singer, the stakes get even higher. For instance, what if the music doesn’t sound good? That was an issue for an upcoming Janis Joplin film, as the rights to most of her songs weren’t available for the movie until a lawsuit cleared it all up. 

    Of course, a small but often overlooked aspect of biographical films is that the leads need to look the part. For example, Jamie Foxx looks a great deal like Ray Charles, so Ray made it easy on audiences who didn’t have to try very hard to see the resemblance. The same was not necessarily true for Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny Cash, despite a fine performance by the actor. 

    The latest instance of this phenomenon will be on display when the upcoming Nina Simone biopic comes out. It’s currently filming, and IndieWire has some pictures of star Zoe Saldana in full makeup — or what appears to be full makeup. Check them out for yourself and judge whether this is the finished product, or whether they still need to do more work to nail the famous musician’s appearance.