Check Out Wolverine Dancing Gangnam Style With Psy

    Wolverine is jut about the toughest guy in the comic book world. Besides being gruff and hard-edged, he’s also pretty much physically impervious thanks to a mutant healing factor and an indestructible adamantium skeleton. So it’s fair to say that he doesn’t take any guff and isn’t necessarily a fan of silly things. 

    So take heart in the fact that he loves Gangnam Style. 

    Somehow, somewhere, Korean rapper and internet sensation Psy met up with Hugh Jackman on the set of The Wolverine. Jackman is no stranger to singing and dancing, as he’s performed in many musicals and has even hosted the Tony Awards three times. So he’s clearly the type of guy who would love to get down with Psy and learn a couple moves. 

    This incredible picture (via Vulture) was thankfully snapped for all the world to see and demonstrates just how awesome the Gangnam Style dance is. We can also clearly see that Psy has an adamantium skeleton and claws himself, which adds another layer of mystery to the Korean enigman who came out of nowhere to completely take over the internet.