Check Out Two New Videos Off “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Latest Album, “Mandatory Fun”

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    Veteran parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic has just put out his fourteenth studio album, Mandatory Fun, and is promoting it in a characteristically spectacular way. The musician and comedian has been releasing a new video every day since Monday, each for one of the songs off the LP, and each his own idiosyncratic take on somebody else’s music.  

    Yesterday’s song, “First World Problems,” a hilarious rant from the perspective of the priveleged, more-than-subtly alluded to the style of the Pixies. You can stream it over at PopCrush.

    Today, Yankovic has shared a stop-motion video to a country-rock number about the “celebrity friends” of a trucker-hat-donning redneck (portrayed by Weird Al himself, obviously). Watch that one below: