Check Out Two New Videos Off “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Latest Album, “Mandatory Fun”

    Veteran parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic has just put out his fourteenth studio album, Mandatory Fun, and is promoting it in a characteristically spectacular way. The musician and comedian has been releasing a new video every day since Monday, each for one of the songs off the LP, and each his own idiosyncratic take on somebody else’s music.  

    Yesterday’s song, “First World Problems,” a hilarious rant from the perspective of the priveleged, more-than-subtly alluded to the style of the Pixies. You can stream it over at PopCrush.

    Today, Yankovic has shared a stop-motion video to a country-rock number about the “celebrity friends” of a trucker-hat-donning redneck (portrayed by Weird Al himself, obviously). Watch that one below: