Check Out The Trailer For Rob Zombie’s Latest Creepy Film, ‘The Lords Of Salem’

    Rob Zombie has finally returned to his local roots. While he’s directed movies like the remake of Halloween and House of 1000 Corpses that take place in Illinois and Texas, respectively, Zombie has shied away from the area that made him the horror-obsessed fellow he is today. However, what could be his magnum opus has brought him back home. 

    The director, who was born Robert Cummings, grew up in Haverhill, MA. That’s just a few minutes’ drive from Salem, which is essentially the horror capital of the United States. Zombie’s newest movie takes place in that town and plays on the dark history of the Salem Witch Trials, as well as other dark pagan rituals. 

    The Lords of Salem stars his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, as the DJ of a local rock station. When a mysterious record shows up in the mail, she and her coworkers are unsure where it came from or what it means. However, playing the album eventually releases a dark evil that began in Salem and could spread if it isn’t contained. 

    This looks to be one of the most stylish films from a particularly stylish director, and it also seems to be just as creepy and disturbing as most of Zombie’s work. Check it out (per below and prepare yourself for Halloween and a release date later this year.