Check Out Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Wake The F**k Up!’ Obama Video

    Lots of stars line up behind particular candidates during election season, if for no other reason than to draw attention to the issues that are important to them. For instance, Clint Eastwood made a memorable appearance at the Republican National Convention to lend his support to Mitt Romney. Other celebrities, such as Eva Longoria, have volunteered for President Obama’s reelection campaign and been actively participating in events around the country. 

    However, few of these efforts are as funny or surprising as what Samuel L. Jackson has done. You may remember that he recently narrated Adam Mansbach’s hilarious take on the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon, which was appropriately (or inappropriately titled) Go the F**k To Sleep

    Jackson and Mansbach have teamed up again, this time in order to lend support to President Obama’s campaign. Whether you support the president or his challenger, Mitt Romney, you have to admit that this is one of the best election videos in a long time. Check it out below (via Rolling Stone), decide who you’re going to vote for and remember that Samuel L. Jackson is still a bad motherf**ker no matter who he supports.