Check Out Photos From The Set Of Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’

    Director Spike Lee may seem like an odd choice for the American adaptation of the Korean revenge thriller Oldboy. After all — he’s carved out a niche for himself making idiosyncratic films about the African American experience, basketball, jazz and other issues that are personal and distinct. Oldboy is an East Asian mystery about identity and kidnapping. 

    Some people might be worried that these two clashing styles won’t be simpatico with one another. However, it’s also possible that the crazy interplay of different ideas and imagery could end up resulting in one of the more interesting Hollywood movies in a while. 

    If you’re desperate to know how filming is going, look no further — according to, some pictures have been leaked of stars Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen on set in New Orleans. They come from The Daily Mail, and one shows Olsen with a clearly visible tattoo, which the Mail speculates is barbed wire. However, if you’ve seen the original Oldboy, you might think it resembles octopus tentacles, which play an important role in a very memorable scene.