El-P: ‘I Spent Too Much Time Saying, “Fuck You”‘

    El-P took a minute to talk with The Fader about New York, being ‘independent as fuck,’ and doing music for the satisfaction of it. The Brooklyn rapper/producer says that he felt “Def Jux needed to die” and points out that he is “fucking a lot happier” in his position now. Das Racist, Danny Brown and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquireall of whom El-Producto has collaborated with–are among those he feels would be on his presently-defunct label. Regarding the current hip hop scene, he says, “I like seeing people do well,” and overall, he says that he wants to be “looked at as genuinely contributing, even if it’s not your thing.” I don’t think there are any arguments with that. Go read the brief-but-thoughtful interview with El. [The Fader]