Check Out Above Average’s Rejected Pitch For ‘The Birds’

    When you pitch a film script to a movie studio, you’ve got to be concise, descriptive and engaging. Some plots grab you quickly and don’t let go, drawing interest. Take, for example, the recent release Looper. In a nutshell, a young man must square off against an older version of himself who’s come back in time. That’s a cool premise and it makes you want to know more. 

    Then there’s Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

    It’s an undeniably great picture, full of tension and creepiness that was in short supply when it was released in 1963. However, the premise sounds a little silly: a woman is tormented by birds that constantly attack her and her family. Hitchcock was able to pull it off, but the pitch meeting was probably very awkward and confusing when it first happened. Too bad we can’t see what that was like. 

    Actually, we can. The fine folks at Above Average have continued their Rejected Pitches series, which imagines how some of the weirder-sounding films throughout history must have come off when they were first pitched. Check it out below.