Charlotte Gainsbourg Will Appear In Upcoming Movie

    Charlotte Gainsbourg has just been cast in an upcoming movie called Une Nuit (One Night) from Belgian director Lucas Belvaux. The film is based, in part, on the book Est-Ce Ainsi Que Les Femmes Meurent? (Is This How Women Die?), which retells the story of Kitty Genovese – one of the most famous murder victims of all time. In 1964, Genovese was fatally stabbed and sexually assaulted just outside her Queens, New York, apartment building. Initial reports stated that, although 38 people were witness to all or part of Genovese’s attack, none did anything to help. (Later investigations revealed this to be untrue, but the story remained popular.) The case came to be known as the quintessential example of the bystander effect – and a frequently (and erroneously) cited exemplification of New Yorkers’ apathy, calousness and indifference to their neighbors.


    Gainsbourg will co-star in the movie along with filmmaker husband Yvan Attal. [IndieWire]