Q: Can you wipe your ass with a CD booklet? A: As long as it’s from a Chingy album.


    In the one of the lamest rap battles of recent memories (even stupider than the whole Ja Rule and 50 beef) Charlamagne, Wendy Williams’ sidekick, launched what might be the final blow in his fight with Chingy: a video in which he depicts the best five things to do with one of Chingy’s “Wack-Ass” albums.

    Charlamagne might not be a real rapper or a real comedian, but the video here is pretty funny. In it, he uses Chingy CD’s as a weed plate, dental floss, a coaster, a pooper scooper, and, yes, toilet paper, because, as Charlamagne says, “Chingy CD’s, just as painful to wipe your ass with as it is to listen to.”

    The whole beef started when Charlamagne harassed Chingy when he was on the Wendy Williams show. Chingy responded by saying “he was tired” so that’s why Charlamagne made him look like a fool.

    The world waits with underwhelmed, baited-breath for what Chingy will do next. As long as he doesn’t sing “Holiday Inn” it’ll be fine.