Prefix Is Expanding

    As you may have already noticed, Prefix is making some changes.
    Since its inception, Prefix has been bringing its audience news, reviews, features, interviews, and more about practically every corner of the modern music world. We’ve gained a loyal readership over the years, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it.
    But we’re branching out. In an effort to bring readers a wider look at pop culture and entertainment in general, Prefix will now be covering film, TV, sports, technology, and more, in addition to music. We’ve already written about Jeremy Shockey, a possible The Shining prequel, and HBO’s Girls, among other non-music-related topics.
    There is little question that Prefix will remain a music-centric site for the time being, since all of our writers came to the site with the intention of writing about music and music alone. But, in addition to the news, reviews, features, and interviews we’ve been bringing you for years now, we’ll now be adding news daily about the aforementioned realms of entertainment, too. Publications such as The Huffington Post and Business Insider have had success with expanding their coverage over the years, and we hope to afford our readers a similarly unique experience with our own content.
    Additionally, in light of these changes, our interest in adding writers to the site’s current rotation is at a high. If you’re interested in contributing to our coverage of film, TV, sports, or technology, please submit the following to Dave Park at
    1) A blog post (preferably 75-200 words) written exclusively for Prefix. The blog post could be about anything from breaking news to brief commentary about a current event. Feel free to send any other clips our way.
    2) A brief description of your writing background. The ideal candidate will have had experience writing about whatever topic(s) s/he intends to cover for Prefix.
    Admittedly, there’s a good chance these transitions will be a little bumpy at first, and we’re already planning to have the site redesigned to better organize our new coverage. But we are very much looking forward to the site’s future and, ultimately, to aiding our readers in getting a wider look at the world of entertainment around them.