Chance The Rapper To Feature In Tonight’s Episode Of CNN’s Chicagoland

    Lately, it seems like Chance The Rapper has a new headline every day. Between collaborations with guys like Skrillex, cuts from his home studio, and previously unreleased tracks, Chance may very well be the most talked about artist of this month. Tonight, fans will get a sneak peak into the context of Acid Rap as CNN’s Chicagoland mini-doc series dives into the powerful and sometimes tragic stories behind the mixtape.

    In a trailer for the episode, which will air tonight, Chance talks about the violence that he was exposed to in the South Side of Chicago. He talks about the senseless murder of his close friend, Kevin Amrbose, which was a major influence on “Paranoia.”  “It’s about the people that are effected beyond the two people who have a confrontation,” Chance explains in reference to the track.

    This is deep material, revealing a serious undertone to the generally upbeat mixtape. Don’t miss Chicagoland tonight at 9:00 PM and be sure to check out the trailer for the episode below.