Chance The Rapper Has Been Working In His “Home Studio”

    Chicago’s most promising creative since Kanye West stepped onto the scene, Chance The Rapper recently moved to LA with fellow musician James Blake. Like any two artists living in the same house they naturally have a studio where the two have been working to perfect their respective crafts.

    Chance wasted no time hitting the studio and recently brought us a new record with his band The Social Experiment. The funky jam is appropriately entitled “Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch).” Chance is certainly “back”, not that he ever left. It was only a few weeks ago in which we heard him and The Social Experiment rocking over a hypnotic Skrillex-produced record. 

    In the words of Chance, “I gotta home studio. who gon stop me.” I don’t think there is anyone currently who can “stop” the independent artist from doing what he wants and achieving anything he sets his mind to.