Chance the Rapper Talks Trump, Kanye, and LeBron on The View

    Chance spoke about racism, his success, and all things Chicago

    On some strange days, the best place to hear from your favorite rapper is on The View. Few things are a better sign of the times than seeing an audience full of middle-aged women go absolutely bonkers for Chance the Rapper as he took to the stage. The 24-year-old Chicago rapper was a guest this morning on the famous ABC talk show. During the interview, Chance shared his opinion on a slew of issues, ranging on everything from his success as an unsigned artist, his recent charity work with Chicago Public Schools, as well as racism in America in the face of the recent vandalism to LeBron James’ L.A. home.

    Watch the entire interview here:

    “It’s kind of a common pattern in America’s history when people that look like me get to a certain point of success,” Chance said. “LeBron James is, to me, the greatest of all time basketball player and people want to remind you how they view you as a second class citizen. There’s not much you can do other than keep thriving.”

    (Almost lost in the essential conversation was the quick remark that he regards LeBron has the greatest basketball player ever. I’m pretty sure some of his friends back in Chicago are going to want to have a word with him.)

    Seldom does a Chance interview pass by without the mention of another legendary Chicago native, Kanye West, or the rapper’s noteworthy and frequent collaborator, Justin Bieber. Chance also offered his praises to Stevie Wonder, whom he called “the greatest living artist.”

    Of course, it’s not 2017 without the mention of Donald Trump in an interview, so Chance said bluntly: “I haven’t seen him in Chicago before. I don’t know if know knows what he’s talking about.”

    The interview concluded with some giveaways from Chance, as he gave each of the four co-hosts their own trademark “3” hats. Whoopie wasted no time rocking hers proudly.