Chance the Rapper Performs Unreleased Future Collab “My Peak” — Watch

    "I'm a free agent like the second Matrix"

    Credit: Christian Ramirez - Two Gents Digital

    Those in attendance at the Tampa, FL stop on Chance the Rapper’s “Be Encouraged” tour were treated to a little something special last night.

    The Chicago rapper surprised his audience by busting into a verse taken from an unreleased project titled “My Peak” he recorded with Atlanta rapper-producer heavyweight, Future. It still has yet to be seen what the Midwestern Maverick plans to officially use the track for or when it might be given a proper release. In any case, we salute the cunning soul in attendance who hastened to capture the moment.

    According to Genius, who first shared the video, while the production credit for the track hasn’t been revealed, DJ Esco is rumored to be involved with the project in some capacity.

    Chance first teased the project with Future to the public when he posted two brief excerpts of the song to his Instagram page back in February. DJ Esco was tagged in the posts, strongly suggesting he hatched the track.


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    The clip from the Tampa appearance starts out with the song’s hook, which is provided by Future, and it runs just long enough to almost capture Chance’s whole first verse before cutting off. The lyrics to “My Peak” have been posted by Genius. Here’s Chance’s verse:

    My baby mama finna get her masters (bravo!)
    I just hit the office, that’s the FAFSA (line up)
    I don’t wanna hear about no masters
    I just hit my pastor, it’s faster
    They gon’ point to Cuba when I pass away
    I probably still be ballin’ on my Cast Away
    I just got a text that say keep goin’ (alright, alright)
    I just got a check that say keep goin’
    Hurricane Jericho, born-bred Crane mode
    Everything player code, phone airplane mode (alright alright)
    Nothing come for free, nothing come for free
    You might be the devil, you don’t fuck with me
    I’ma keep makin’, I make extra payments
    I’m a free agent like the second Matrix
    I’mma make them nations deal us reparations
    Been dancing round the town like I was Kevin Bacon
    I be doing shit they only think about
    I might throw a milli in the Chase account
    Nothing come for free, nothing come for free
    You might be the devil, you don’t fuck with me

    Future previously appeared on one of the highlights from Chance’s Grammy-winning mixtape Coloring Book on one of the standout tracks, “Smoke Break,” which was produced by Garren Sean.

    For those of you who missed it, check out Chance the Rapper gab with the ladies of The View here.