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ChaCha: New Search Engine That's Ripe for Abuse

ChaCha is a new search engine that provides users with the option of a "search guide," a live person to chat you through your search. An awful idea? Yes. An awful idea with serious fun-generating implications? Yes again. And so, straight from the Prefix Forums, here is some good-natured abuse. First up, can ChaCha help us dig up info on Deerhunter?
Michael W: Welcome to ChaCha!
Michael W: hello
Michael W: what can i find for you?
Michael W: the game?
You: deerhunter plz
You: no
You: kickassrocknroll
Michael W: ok
You: no deniro
You: um, no
Michael W: that is not it?
You: what else u got homes?
You: no. they're a kickass rock and roll band
You: not a movie
Michael W: near Atlanta GA
You: you're so smart!!!!!!!! \
Michael W: is there anything else i can find?
You: just some milk for my cheerios
Michael W: thanks for using chacha!

More fun after the jump ...
Status: Connecting ...
Status: Looking for a guide ...
Ring: ...
Status: Connected to guide: CarolR
CarolR: Welcome to ChaCha!
CarolR: Hello
You: yoyo
CarolR: How can I assist you today?
You: who is arcade fire:
You: ?
CarolR: Is that a video game?
CarolR: Or a comic?
You: i think they're a band
CarolR: Oh...ok
CarolR: Let me see if I can find anything on that..
CarolR: One moment.]
CarolR: your right they are a band.
You: yes!!!
CarolR: Are these results sufficient?
You: i am the man!
You: i guess.
CarolR: Smile
CarolR: Will there be anything else?
You: alright i gotta go eat some cap'n crunch
CarolR: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.

You: us this where i get pudding
You: us = is
CherylB: I can find you a recipe for pudding
You: is this the internet?
You: im 5
CherylB: Yes
You: hello
CherylB: Hi
You: can you make some pudding?
CherylB: I can find you a recipe for pudding
You: exquisite idea
CherylB: I can't make any right now
You: dang
You: recipe would be delightful
CherylB: ok

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