ceo Is Eric Berglund Of The Tough Alliance

    Well that was a mystery that didn’t keep us guessing for very long. Just a week ago we got wind of a new act, ceo, associated with that well-known house of enigma, Sweden’s Sincerely Yours label, and now Pitchfork has figured out that ceo is in fact Eric Berglund who is also one half of The Tough Alliance.


    It’s not entirely clear how that conclusion was reached, since today ceo sent out a press release that doesn’t mention Berglund’s name at all, thought it does say that you may call ceo “sophia, yukio, fanta, eric, kiki, and krishna. and wii and whitney.” I mean sure, it does say “Eric” in there, but how do we know he’s not the ghost of Yukio Mishima inhabiting the body of a self-aware Nintendo Wii?