Cee-Lo To Play Raekwon’s Dad In Biopic

    This is one of those stories that has gotten reposted everywhere, but still seems like it impossibly crazy, even with a confirmation from multiple parties: According to XXL, Raekwon is currently writing a biopic about his own life, and he has already cast his father. Cee-Lo Green has confirmed that he has been cast as Raekwon’s dad, which is just crazy, since Rae still hasn’t finished the script, and he hasn’t even cast who will play himself (though Chick Inglish was the front runner a while ago). And which studio is taking a shot on this? Or is it self-financed? Like I said, if you heard of this without the Tweets from Cee-Lo or the confirmation from Rae, this would seem like a hoax. But nope: The real deal apparently. [P4K