Cee-Lo Gets His Own Relationship Status App

    Given the fact his biggest song to date is essentially a foul-mouthed kiss-off — yeah, I’m talkin’ about “Fuck You” — it only makes sense that Cee-Lo Green would get his own relationship status app on Facebook. Basically, the way that it works is that you allow the app to access your settings so that it can figure out your status. It then displays a video based on your status — be it single, married, in a relationship, or whatever — that features Cee-Lo waxing poetic. As someone in a relationship, I got to hear about how I’m a catch and how my significant other better know that. Hmph. So this is what you’ve been doing while we’ve been waiting for the Goodie Mob reunion album?!


    Head to the Absolut Facebook page for the app. It’s part of his partnership with Absolut, which previously brought us the two-part Distilled documentary.