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Cat Power Discusses Her New Album At Matador 21 Show (Video)


The Matador 21 celebrations look like they have provided plenty of talking points over the weekend—not least of which is the rocky footing that the Pavement reunion now seems to be on. In better news, the festivities featured a set by Chan Marshall from Cat Power, who took time out from her Las Vegas schedule to talk to Rolling Stone about her future direction.


Marshall claims she will play all the instruments on her new record, which has no release date at present. On the Matador celebrations, she had this to say: “It reminds me of being in New York and going to see shows. That's what everyone I know here would do. It's cool because everyone's lives have gone on, and people have done different things, and they're all here.”



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Cat Power

I'm psyched to hear however it all turns out. Also, isn't it weird, the TMZ-style over-the-top tabloid pound sound the Rolling Stone logo makes at the open and close of this? Just seems a bit incongruous with the soft spoken content of the actual story.

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