Cassettes Won’t Listen Has A Complicated Relationship With White People

    On the one hand, Cassettes Won’t Listen (CWL) is in pretty good with arty white people. Their blood-bleepy, vaugely 8bit, sorta Postal Service-y music is just the kind of thing white people are crazy about. Look at this video! Pretty white. They even did all the original music for this week’s episode of This American Life! That’s about as white as it gets.


    On the other hand, they announced this morning that they’ve pissed off caucasian royalty: the man who immortalized on screen middle-aged, middle-class white man ennui in American Beauty, who produced The Social Network, and played a criminal mastermind in The Usual Suspects (spoiler!): Kevin Spacey. That’s not going to get you invited to the secret White People Tennis, Mayonnaise, and World Domination party next year, guys. 


    CWL had planned to call their new album, out June 21, KEVINSPACEY, but after a letter from his lawyer, they’ve made a cunning and very creative name change: their new album is now called EVINSPACEY. Lovely. Come to think of it, snottily complying with a letter from a celebrity’s lawyer is actually pretty white, too.


    You can check out “Perfect Day” from that album here.