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Cash Money Opening Book Publishing Arm, Reprinting Books By Iceberg Slim

Here's some pretty weird news that sort of makes sense: Cash Money is opening a book publishing arm, pretty much (at this point at least) solely aimed at reprinting the works of pimp-turned-author Icerberg Slim. Iceberg Slim was the pen name of Robert Beck, a former pimp who turned into an author in the 1960s when he saw the problems with pimping (probably that it wasn't easy). Slim's books were a huge hit in the black community, selling more than two million copies thanks to its gritty portrayal of street life, and were reprinted a bunch until Slim's death in 1992. But they've been out of print until Cash Money bought the rights recently. Cash Money will start reissuing Slim's works later this year. [DS]

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Haha, of course they are.

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