Casey Affleck Confirms What We Knew Already: Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career Was Fake


    Casey Affleck has decided to go on the record to finally put any doubters at rest—that Joaquin Phoneix’s rap career was a fake, a piece of performance art, a not-too subtle attempt at shape shifting in order to produce a movie. Affleck spoke to the New York Times about I’m Still Here, where he said of Phoenix’s role: “It’s a terrific performance, it’s the performance of his career.”


    To his credit, the actor spent two whole years acting this way, which is certainly a testament to his endurance and commitment to the project. Phoenix appeared on Letterman last night–expect video to surface of that soon—but Affleck confirmed that the talk show host was not in on the joke when Phoenix made that notorious appearance on his show back in 2009.


    “We wanted to create a space,” said the director. “You believe what’s happening is real. There were multiple takes, these are performances.” Now, hopefully, both Affleck and Phoenix will return to their respective careers, leaving behind a passage in both their lives that never really pulled the wool over anyone’s eyes in the way they were perhaps hoping. For anyone going to see I’m Still Here, Affleck has these words: “It is a hard movie to watch,” he said. 


    [via New York Times]