Caroline Polachek Of Chairlift To Embark On A Solo Project

    Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek will soon release her debut solo album as Ramona Lisa. Coming out through Terrible Records on April 15, Arcadia is a collection of “love songs that are nature allegories, and vice versa” (via press release). The album was composed entirely in MIDI, with the vocals recorded while “making use of hotel closets, quiet airport gates, and spare dressing rooms” on tour. 

    This is not the first time Polachek is putting out music outside of her daytime Brooklyn band; The singer has previously collaborated with a number of artists including Blood Orange, Washed Out, Ice Choir, and Jorge Elbrecht (contributing to his last year’s experimental techno track, “I.V. Aided Dreams”)

    Check out Arcadia’s track list and listen to the titular track below:

    01. Arcadia
    02. Backwards and Upwards
    03. Getaway Ride
    04. Avenues
    05. Lady’s Got Gills
    06. Hissing Pipes at Dawn
    07. Dominic
    08. Reprise
    09. Izzit True What They Tell Me
    10. Wing of the Parapet
    11. I Love Our World