Carmelo Anthony Signs Cassidy To His Record Label

    Here’s bad news for all of us that thought we had finally sent Cassidy to the land of Chingy and J-Kwon and other rappers we don’t care about anymore: Carmelo Anthony, the overpaid centerpiece of the New York Knicks, has launched a record label called Krossover Entertainment, and along with his longtime artist Diego Ca$h, he has recently signed Cassidy, with the aim of getting him back up to the big times after Cassidy recently did some jail time. 

    “He’s good, man. He’s home. I’m glad he figured it out, got through that situation,” Anthony said, updating Mixtape Daily on his buddy. “I’m glad he got that behind him, and now he’s ready to focus on what he needs to focus on — I’m pretty sure getting back into the studio and throwing that under the rug.”

    I guess we can get behind Cassidy repairing his life, but dude isn’t exactly on the list of acts we’re eagerly awaiting a comeback from. It’s also sort of funny that Melo takes great pains to make sure people he knows that he’s focused on basketball first in this piece on MTV. Great stuff.