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Ridiculous quote of the day: Carl Barat says The Libertines almost killed him

Via: NME
Just to switch things up a bit around here, I'm gonna rag on a different ex-Libertine today. Speaking with the NME, former Libertine and current Dirty Pretty Things frontman Carl Barat said that the final months of the band's existence almost did him in. Says Barat:
"Finishing off The Libertines almost killed me. Going around honouring commitments and trying to give every song what it deserved - it wasn't easy. I should have worn a suit of armour."
So wait, let me get this straight Carl. The Libertines almost killed you? Have you seen your boy lately? I don't think anyone should be worrying about your well being at this point thank you very much.
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Carl Barat

no no no barat, the only band that almost kills people is the hold steady. get it right.

heidi vanderslice

Pete rules!


Drugs are bad. Killing is bad. The Killers are also bad.

Dave Park

Probably one of the most naive articles I have ever read.


I agree with Meddick. The writer doesn't have a clue, poor boy.


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