Carl Barat accuses Coldplay of ‘jumping on the free music bandwagon’

    Those Brits sure do love sipping on the haterade. Carl Barat, former Libertine and current frontman for Dirty Pretty Things, is calling out Coldplay for offering the single “Violet Hill” for free download. Barat said that “big name, big money bands who release their stuff for free are harming the scene.” He added that the music industry is “struggling financially, and this is like missile after missile.” Barat finished his attack by stating that it was nearly impossible for new bands to compete in an environment where large, financially secure bands are releasing music for free.


    Though Coldplay and Radiohead are obviously in a different tax bracket than Barat, his criticism doesn’t necessarily hit the mark. Both bands got to a place where they are able to release music for free by putting out albums that people wanted to buy in the first place. No matter what the eventual state of the music industry, that should be the artist’s primary focus and will lead to increased exposure and more financial returns. If this isn’t the case, maybe Barat and his band should become even more forward thinking, and develop the next innovation in the industry. [Gigwise]