Carl Barat Squashes Libertines Reunion Rumors…Again

    Why do we have that sudden sense of deja vu? Oh yeah, because for the third (or what feels like the hundredth) time in as many months, Carl Barat has called bullshit on reunion rumors floating around regarding his old band, The Libertines. 

    Both Barat and his management are denying a report from tabloid The Daily Mirror which claims that he’s made nice with his former cohort, Pete Doherty, and the pair were on the brink of announcing a reunion tour. Barat’s brief, blunt post on his Facebook page should clear things up. He says, “So that ‘story’ in the Mirror yesterday? Complete fabrication, folks.” 

    The Mirror apparently was cued by a picture that Barat recently tweeted of him and Doherty. Talk about jumping to conclusions, but after this latest rumor kill, is it safe to put the Libertines to bed? [NME]