Carl Barat Says “There Is No Libertines Future”

    For, approximately, the 4563rd time, Carl Barat is on the cover of the NME. But this time, instead of teasing the possibility of a Libertines reunion while promoting a weak Dirty Pretty Things album, he’s saying the Libertines are definitely done.

    “We are all in very different places,” he said. “Right now is not the time for The Libertines. I thought the water under the bridge was under the bridge, but maybe it’s not. It’s a very fucking hard thing. Every time we talk it just brings it back up.”

    So, as if this news is important to anyone except the staunchest Anglophiles, there you have it. Apparently Doherty and Barat got in a fight during their recent reunion tour dates, and they’re over. [NME]