Carl Barat Opens The Door For A Libertines Reunion

    Despite Pete Doherty heading off to rehab in Thailand, that hasn’t stopped Carl Barat from ruling out a possible Libertines reunion.

    In a series of tweets last night, Barat seemed opened to the idea, including when he said “Well what can I say? Is another reunion pushin it? I’m up for it…?

    Previously, he told NME that the pair will “pick up where we left off” in the future, following reports that the duo had met up in a London pub and things were obviously pleasant.

    “I’m always out with Pete,” Barat said. “Just sometimes I’m out with Pete in a visible place and other times not. We had a good chat and we’re both getting on fine.” He continued: “We’re both doing different things, [but] I’m sure at some point we’ll pick up where we left off when it’s needed.”