Carl Barat Is Officially Someone’s Dad

    This is, admittedly, far better news than the fact that Pete Doherty is modeling behaviors to not one, but two, children in his role as father. Ex-Libertine Carl Barat announced via Twitter that he and girlfriend Edie Langley are the happy parents of a baby boy. Barat’s New Year’s Eve tweet notes that he is “the devastatingly proud father of a boy, who’s (sic) name is Eli.” (UPDATE: The baby was actually born on Dec. 9, and Barat announced it on his Facebook page. Thanks to commenter Jo for pointing that out.) 


    For Barat, the new chip off the old block ranks up there with getting to play with his old band again, and was probably easier to coordinate and pull off. In a recent interview he said that having the baby was at the top of his list of achievements last year, just ahead of getting Pete Doherty to keep it together long enough to play a few shows.


    “My personal highlight, I guess, [is] my baby. Apart from that, The Libertines reunion. But my baby comes first.”


    There’s more of Barat’s thoughts here.