Carl Barat Crushes Libertines Fans’ Dreams..For Now

    There will be no reprise of a Libertines reunion for the time being according to the band’s co-leader, Carl Barat. After playing a series of festival shows last year including Reading and Leeds, Barat and cohort Pete Doherty are apparently just too busy with their own projects to focus on the one that made them famous.


    In an email message to fans, Barat writes, “Just to quell any speculation, there will not be any Libertines shows this summer. As perfect as last year was, Peter and I have not written anything new together at this point…We are all busy doing very different things separately.” 


    Barat’s “things” as of late include an upcoming EP featuring an unreleased Libertines tune re-titled as “Grimaldi” as well as a solo UK tour that starts this month. But have hope, Libertines fans, as Barat remains somewhat optimistic that there is a future for the band, typing in the same email, “You never know though, some day I hope we’ll write the next album.” [via Spinner]