Capitol Records piles on the vinyl love

    At this point, I’m pretty sure the nosediving music industry will desperately cling to any figure that doesn’t have a negative sign attached to it, no matter how irrationally. With vinyl sales making up the only sales growth in the past few months—despite its sub 1% market share—Capitol Records will be launching a vinyl campaign beginning August 19. They will be releasing a slew of classic albums on slick 180-gram LP’s or 140-gram 10" double LPs. The only problem: they’re releasing albums everyone already owns.


    I suppose there may be an appeal to hearing Radiohead or Coldplay on vinyl if you haven’t before. Ironically, however, Capitol is releasing Kid A on vinyl, an album that helped bring electronica into the mainstream.


    The albums in the "From The Capitol Vaults" include:

    – A Perfect Circle / Mer de Noms (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, satin stock, diecut white sleeves)

    – Coldplay / Parachutes (1 LP, printed sleeve)

    – Coldplay / A Rush Of Blood To The Head (1 LP, printed sleeve)

    – Radiohead / OK Computer (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, color labels, printed sleeves)

    – Radiohead / Kid A (2 10” 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)

    – Radiohead / Hail To The Thief (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves)

    – Radiohead / Amnesiac (2 10” 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)

    – Steve Miller Band / Greatest Hits 1974-78 (1 LP, printed sleeve, color label)