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Canibus Releasing Tenth LP, 'C Of Tranquility,' Oct. 5

Super-lyrical rap fans rejoice! Canibus is releasing yet another album this year to follow-up his February release of Melatonin Magik, which received some decent feedback from critics. But one look at that record's cover art and producer line-up will tell you that it wasn't the most ... how do I say this gently ... well-funded project. Canibus has stepped it up for C Of Tranquility, though, as he will be backed by production from the likes of DJ Premier, Jake One, Scram Jones, The Bizness, J-Zone and Slopfunkdust. That's one hell of a support system, if you ask me. Beyond the (hopefully) great production, the MC is looking to showcase his talents once again on a grander scale.


C Of Tranquility drops Oct. 5 on Interdependent Media.

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So Bis got a Premier beat but Nas can't locate him? That's a disturbance in the force if I ever heard.

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