Canibus Disses J. Cole On “J. Clone”

    To fully comprehend Canibus’ diss track toward J. Cole, “J. Clone,” is to sit down and do your best to comprehend exactly what the verbose MC is talking about throughout the song and a lengthy Facebook post. Describing both are pretty easy, though: words on words on words.

    And they’re all about how Cole is hurting Canibus by shouting out only to his ’90s records, glancing over his more recent output, and not asking him to guest on any tracks. Oh, and apparently Canibus thinks that it’s 2012 already. No joke. Just read a portion of the Facebook entry below:

    Currently, new artists such as J Cole have continuously mentioned me as their favorite artist, shouted me out in articles, magazine/online interviews, and even gone as far as starting off show sets by playing some of my earlier material to warm up the audience and give off the impression that he is real hip hop and loves real lyricism. 

    Was I so ahead of my time back in 1996 that people are currently unable to comprehend the jewels I continue to offer hip-hop NOW in 2012?

    Whether you ever wanted to collaborate on a track with me or not is your prerogative, I only ask that in your efforts to “pay homage” you don’t overlook my current offerings to this genre I still love very much and defend to the fullest.

    Some might look to label me as an older head picking on a younger head who claims to have been influenced by me, but I refuse to let anyone including him stand on what we built, and pompously extract only the parts that suit them and their undermining intentions under the guise of “paying homage”. I’m sick of it. That’s fake, fraudulent, and misrepresents mine and others contributions, and significance to hip-hop music. After watching many many interviews of Clone, I mean Cole “pay homage”, I decided to pay some homage to him myself because I am still alive and well and ready to throw down for Hip Hop.

    You still there? If so, you can stream the diss track below and read the whole essay on Facebook. If you dare. [HHDX]