Can Releasing ‘Lost Tapes’ Box Set Of Previously Unheard Music

    When we reported that Can would reissue its 1972 LP, Tago Mago, we also mentioned that a new box set of the band’s material was in the works. Appropriately titled The Lost Tapes, Can‘s forthcoming 3CD package covers unreleased music from soundtracks, live shows and studio sessions, all drawn from master recordings found in the group’s studio after it was sold to the German Rock N Pop Museum.

    Upon sifting through over 30 hours of archived music, Can keyboardist Irmin Schmidt and collaborator Jono Podmore widdled the selection down to three discs worth of material spanning 1968-1977. That’s pretty crazy, and even more so when you consider none of the tracks were just simple outtakes. The Lost Tapes will be released June 19 via both Spoon and Mute Records. Listen to its opener, “Millionenspiel,” below.