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Cam'ron calls Jay-Z and Nas senior citizens

Hip-hop just wouldn't be funny these days if it weren't for Cam.
When the interviewer asks about Cam taking out a giant like Jay (which we're not sure is the case), he says, "A giant? That's a senior citizen right there. I felt bad about doing that. You don't do that to old men. But when an old man steps out of line, you put an old man back in his place."
He continues in the same vein on Nas. He also takes the obligatory shots at Currrrrrtis and G-Unit. Watch below.

The question is ... did he drive to the event in his Camborghini?
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So it seems he is basically the Jessica Simpson of the rap game. You can't tell if he is just retarded for attention's sake or, well, just retarded. Plus I think he was wearing a pair of Jessica Simpson's sunglasses in that interview. And he has a little bit of Bill O'Reilly in him, what with those staggering inaccurate "facts" he was spittin' at the end there.

Josh H.

I don't think i get the humor.

not funny

Seem like Cam being a little to whiny these days/ Left in right you cant hate the hater hate the game. While you beefin (with ya self by the way) Jay made About 200 more million.

THAT'S whats UP

Cam'ron is a bitch. he didnt take out Jay-z or Nas


F**k Cam'rons Family - Big up Jay Z, Nas, Tru Life & Global Gangsters all Day !!


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