Calvin Harris Throws Twitter Temper Tantrum

    Calvin Harris, the Scottish pop star, has been getting mediocre reviews, and he knows why: “BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING RICH PEOPLES KIDS.” That’s from Calvin Harris’s Twitter, which after a flurry of repetitive attacks on rich people, their role in music, and the lazy reviews their kids write for music magazines, has returned to calmer, lowercase self-promotion. But it was fun while it lasted, seeing Harris tweet “FUCK YOU RICH PEOPLE” and “FUCK THE RICH PEOPLES KIDS” before informing us that getting a poor review “doesn’t feel good.”


    The Guardian reports that reading the outburst made it “want to give him a hug,” but it seems to me that Harris was acting like a spoiled…um, rich kid. He should realize that attacks on nepotism in the music industry and the state of music journalism won’t work when it’s directly in response to his own bad reviews. If the rich people’s kids had raved about his album, would they still be FUCKING RICH PEOPLE’S KIDS? Additionally, the guy started this at 9:00 a.m. Good god, who wakes up that angry? Maybe he should stay away from Twitter until lunch.


    [Guardian via the Daily Swarm]