Cadence Weapon Named Poet Laureate of Edmonton

    Canada is a bizarre place: ham is called Canadian Bacon, hockey is treated like a real sport and shown on real TV networks, their big cities don’t have sky high murder rates, going to the doctor is free and Edmonton, an otherwise unremarkable city with a big ass mall has a poet laureate. And that poet laureate, for the next two years at least, is Rollie Pemberton, aka rapper Cadence Weapon. Seriously, not only does Edmonton have a poet laureate, he’s a rapper.


    Not all Edmontonites (is that right?) are happy; the old poet laureate, E.D. Blodgett is mad at the choice because he wrote 19 collections of poetry, and none of them were named Afterparty Babies. Either way, it’s straight ridonkulous that a rapper is a poet laureate. Jim Jones, keep on keeping on and maybe you can be the poet laureate of the U.S. some day (sorry, Jim Jones, you cannot be poet laureate). [Pitchfork]