Byrne & Eno: New life in the bush of ghosts

    Even in these reunion-happy times, you’ll probably be waiting till Satan starts selling popsicles before the Talking Heads reconvene, but head Head David Byrne has announced that he will be renewing another esteemed musical partnership. Byrne and Brian Eno (who worked closely together on some of the Heads’ best albums) have apparently recorded a new album together, their first since 1981’s epochal My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, and are planning a tour.


    Byrne’s comment on the nature of the new collaboration was characteristically elliptical, describing it as "electronic gospel." Considering the extent to which Bush of Ghosts inspired countless other artists to combine ambient electronics, spoken-word samples, and ethno-funk grooves over the  years, if Byrne is being even vaguely literal we may have to hunker down for a harsh season of Mahalia Jackson remixes by enraptured Eno worshippers in the wake of the the duo’s upcoming project.