Buy Your Rave Gear From Tiesto Himself—Just Don’t Expect Any Neon

    EDM superstar Tiësto has already put out one clothing line, a t-shirt collection called CLVB LIFE, and now he’s doing it again with even more designer clout: he’s partnering with Guess Jeans for the Guess/Tiësto Nyt Lyf Collection.


    In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tiësto hinted that the clothes aren’t going to be typical rave fare: “This collection is a lot larger than my first CLVB LIFE one. We focused on tees for CLVB LIFE. With my Guess-designed line, there are jeans, leather jackets, tees and more. They are both inspired by the same things, though…A big part of the [EDM] lifestyle is about looking sharp and dressing for the occasion.” So if you’re looking for rainbow tutus and glitter-spangled bras from Tiësto’s new line, you might end up disappointed. And try not to sweat too much in his leather jackets, okay? [Rolling Stone]