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Busta Rhymes: MegaUpload Better Than Spotify For Artists

Kanye West isn't the only rap artist who likes to go on Twitter rants. Busta Rhymes does, too, which became clear last night when he took to his account to vent his frustrations over the closure of MegaUpload. In particular, he was pissed about the fact that the site's planned music service, MegaBox, probably won't be coming to fruition. As we previously reported, MegaBox would "allow artists to sell their creations directly to consumers while allowing artists to keep 90 percent of earnings."

In Bussa Bus' eyes, this is better than what Spotify offers artists, which is typically about 0.3 cents per streamed track. You can read the rapper's entire tweet-stream below. He also shows love for his buddy Swizz Beatz, who's still interested in that MegaUpload CEO job... [DMN]

1st of all I am soooo proud of my brother @THEREALSWIZZZ 4 being apart of creating something (MEGAUPLOAD) that could create the most powerful way 4 artists 2 get 90% off of every dollar despite the music being downloaded 4 free...

With labels and companies doin' deals with Spotify and many other companies like it who doesn't give us shit...

[they] continue 2 do what they do and blatantly show us how much they value the artist with doing deals of such disrespect and lack of value 4 our content...

I am proud 2 stand next 2 my brother @THEREALSWIZZZ and fight the good fight...

Our freedom is truly being fucked with in a very significant way and I strongly suggest 2 all artists especially the 1's Swizz repped 4 comes out & reps 4 him!!!

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