Busta Rhymes’ Google Music Deal

    While the ink still dries on Busta‘s new contract with Cash Money, the veteran rapper has annonced an interesting deal with Google Music, which manager Chris Lighty called an “outside the box” venture. Under the agreement with Cash Money, Busta is set to release four albums with the label handling all physical distribution. Google Music, however, has exclusive online sales rights to Busta’s next album, E.L.E. 2: End of the World, due out in 2012’s first quarter. It’s reported that “Androids will be the sole cellular devices with access to the platform.”

    The Brooklyn rapper said he was attracted to the deal because of Google Music’s “newness.” He elaborated, “The climate continues to shift in music and this business, and we always look for new ways to go about being swift and changeable, but being always remainable.” [TDS]