These Are the 19 Worst Albums of All Time, According To Critics

    With help from Metacritic

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    Business Insider, compiling data from score aggregate site Metacritic, has listed the 19 worst albums of all time.

    BI makes sure to throw some shade at “genuine fans of Limp Bizkit” before counting down a list with some familiar names including the aforementioned project of Fred Durst and company (no. 2), Backstreet Boys (no. 17), and Chris Brown, who takes two spots in the bottom 19, numbers 14 and ten.

    What makes this list interesting, though, is two-fold. There are several mostly forgotten artists or artists that have made one or more excellent albums prior or since.

    Liz Phair’s self-titled LP comes in at no. 16. Her debut masterpiece Exile in Guyville was the impetus for the New York Times to title its review of Phair’s fourth album “Exile in Avril-ville,” a nod to many critics commenting on the album’s polished, sell-out feel.

    16. Liz Phair — "Liz Phair"

    Alanis Morissette has sold well over 15 million copies of her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill, but when she released Jagged Little Pill Acoustic ten years later, critics balked. In a two-star review in the Guardian, Alexis Petridis wrote, “Like Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells II’ and Meat Loaf’s ‘Back Into Hell,’ it doesn’t so much play as fall out of the speakers with a flump: the sound of a towel being thrown in.”

    15. Alanis Morissette — "Jagged Little Pill Acoustic"

    Meanwhile, Richard Ashcroft, former frontman of The Verve, made the list for his solo album United Nations of Sound. Coldplay’s Chris Martin has called Ashcroft “the greatest singer in the world,” and The Verve were once lauded as The Next Big Thing in the aftermath of smash hit “Bittersweet Symphony,” but by United Nations of Sound critics had soured. Pitchfork awarded the album a 3.2 out of 10 in 2010.

    12. Richard Ashcroft — "United Nations of Sound"

    Elsewhere bands like The Panic Channel, Louis XIV, Puddle of Mudd, and Viva Brother rank, reminding us that they existed at all.

    The bottom spot, and the worst album of all time, goes to none other than Kevin Federline, who at one time was a backup dancer for Britney Spears, married Britney Spears, and made an album called “Playing with Fire.”  Piling on Fed seems unnecessary, but please enjoy him vibing out to his song “PopoZão,” below:

    1. Kevin Federline — "Playing With Fire"