Bun B’s ‘Trill OG’ To Somehow Feature Pimp C And Tupac

    On an otherwise slow news day, the news that Bun B is putting out another album wouldn’t rate very high. Doesn’t the dude put an album out like every six weeks anyway? At least it seems like it. But there’s some curious features slated for inclusion on his upcoming Trill OG album: Namely, one Tupac Shakur and one Pimp C, who as you may or may not know, are both dead. Apparently both songs use older verse that are intertwined with Bun’s. It kind of reminds me of that Chappelle’s Show skit about Tupac sill having new songs. The funnier part is that somehow Trey Songz is on the track (“Right Now”). How the hell does Trey rate big enough to be in between UGK and Tupac? [2 Dope Boyz