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Bummer Alert: Joanna Newsom Won't Be On The Simpsons

Yesterday, making all of our nerd dreams come true, we reported that Joanna Newsom would be appearing on a future episode of the Simpsons. Sadly, like all dreams, those now come crashing down: Newsom has issued a press release saying it ain't true.


The article in Malibu Magazine that started this whole rumor meant to say that Simpsons creator Matt Groening had drawn Newsom as a character from the show, which you can see to the left, and not that she would be appearing on the show. That story has now been corrected. Thanks a lot, Malibu Magazine.


But at least there's this:

Regrettably, the awesome rumor of my upcoming cameo on 'The Simpsons' is unfounded. I remain, however, steadfast as always in my commitment to the character of Lisa, whom I have of course had the privilege of voicing for the last 21 years, in my dreams.

So we can all still dream, can't we?



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Joanna Newsom

Oy vey. I find that likeness of her way too attractive.


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A week ago, I would have said 'who's gonna watch this anyway?', but then Simpsons dropped that Moneyball episode, their best stuff in five years, hands down.

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