Bullion’s ‘You Drive Me To Plastic’ Getting A U.S. Release

    It’s been about four months since we previously heard from U.K.-based psych-beat producer Bullion. Back then, he was pushing his latest effort, You Drive Me To Plastic, which he and his label, Young Turks, are still calling a non-LP. The thing is, the so-called non-album was never released in the U.S., for reasons I’m not terribly sure.

    But after they saw the reaction it got overseas — it quickly sold out — along with the fact weirdo-beat stuff is doing well here, Young Turks decided it was time to drop You Drive Me to Plastic in the States. It’s due out Oct. 11 on both CD and vinyl and you can be sure we’ll be covering whatever Bullion decides to leak prior to its release.

    You can stream album cut “Magic Was Ruler” below.

    BULLION / Magic Was Ruler by Young Turks