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Buddyhead Gives Pitchfork's "Top 500 Tracks of the 200s" a 0.0


Buddyhead has published the most entertaining Pitchfork slam since the Onion’s “Pitchfork gives music a 6.8.” Writer Chip Norman’s diatribe thrashes the website’s “Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s,” calling it a hodgepodge of mediocre pop songs (Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" made No. 21) and specially P4k-certified indie-rock bands. The point of his rant is that Pitchfork has zero "indie credibility" remaining, having sold it all to Clear Channel.


And yes, the list is confounding. Was Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” truly the fourth best song of the past 10 years? How is Elliott Smith’s "Everything Reminds Me of Her" the most worthy song on his last three albums? Why are two LCD Soundsystem songs in the top 12? And the “obscure" selections don't wander far from the light of Pitchfork's darling canon: Air France, Panda Bear, Women, Crystal Castles.  

“At any rate,” Norman concludes, “best of luck with that whole ‘Pitchfork’s credibility falling down M.I.A.’s gash’ thing.”

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Buddyhead has made a surprising dash for credibility and prolificacy lately. It's werid, because I think I like the site more now than I did when they were at the peak of their popularity.

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I thought this Buddyhead thing was so dumb. They hit Pitchfork for a more than 10-year-old review, and complain about the R. Kelly and OutKast being on the list, but not in a way that argues what is better. It was more like, "Can you believe they put black people on this list? It's an OUTRAGE!!!!" And there's a certain intellectual bankruptcy in just going, "This list is wrong, is this song really that good?" without offering any WHY apart from saying there's major label stuff on that list. That argument was cool in 1997. It's a list--it's meant for argument, and none will be perfect. That happens when you involve a lot of people in a project like that. It wasn't like Schreiber sat down and chose all the songs himself. I also think the kill hipsters stuff is soooo played out. It makes you seem like the same people who hated on boy bands but then offered Korn as an alternative.

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ha, this is excellent. perfect summation of what is wrong with pfork and the overall conversation about music.

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David Cross had a pretty good Pitchfork-bashing list of fake albums, which Pitchfork published.

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This is great. Someone needs to do a parody on Pitchfork's obsessive coverage of Radiohead.

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