Bruce Willis Will Not Sue Apple Over iTunes Library Rights

    This story is of course on the radar because it involves an A-list Hollywood star, but it’s one that has impilcations for almost everyone in the twenty-first century: What happens to our cyber-selves when we die? Bruce Willis is apparently comtemplating suing Apple for the right to leave his vast iTunes music library to his children when he dies. Sad thoughts of Willis-less world aside, he is prevented from doing this by the licensing agreement he and every other iTunes user agrees to when using the service. Willis, though he purchased the music, does not technically own any of it and cannot bequeath it to anyone. His lawsuit, should he choose to bring it, could be a valuable test case against these agreements; it could also usher in a new revenue stream for bands selling downloads somewhere other than iTunes. Why rent when you can own? [Yahoo]

    Update: According to a tweet from Bruce Willis’ wife, this is not a true story, but something cooked up by a British tabloid. Bruce Willis as consumer crusader was cool while it lasted.