Bruce Springsteen Drinks A Fan’s Beer (Wait For It) Like A Boss

    It must be great to be a classic rock kingpin, being able to do huge stadium tours and wild shit, since you can get away with anything as long as you play “Born to Run.” Bruce Springsteen showed off his ability to do whatever the fuck he likes last night at a concert when he wandered into the crowd, and totally hammed it up. Then a fan offered him a beer, and as a Boss, Springsteen totally just chugged that beer like he was about to go play a round of darts and hit on some strange. Instead, he got to go back to the stage and play to a stadium.

    I wish this was an everyday thing. Like video of the Boss eating a slice of pizza in the crowd would surface one day, and then video of him doing Pepsi shots out of a kid’s cup the next. How awesome would that be? [TMZ]